How to close a can and store metal paint-Ultima

Tools you will need

  • Metal paint can
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubber hammer/ mallet
  • Goggles

How to close and store a can of metal paint

Air is the number one enemy of paint, but with the proper closing and storing, you can easily stop air from ruining a can of metal paint so it is ready for you to use in the future.

Read our step by step process on closing and storing paint to make a single can last for multiple paint jobs.

Step 1

How to close the lid of the can

When you’re done painting, you will now need to close and store your left-over paint. Main question how to close and store a can of metal paint in an easy and safe way.

Use a rag to remove any excess paint from the sides and rim of the can. Clean up the edges of your paint tin, ensuring there is not liquid paint dripping around it, use a brush and clean the rim.

Alternatively use a cloth to soak the excess paint around the rim.

Then place the lid in its place to close the tin without applying any pressure.

Step 2

Sealing the lit on the can properly

Finally, take a rubber mallet and tap along the edges of the lid, sealing it airtight. If you don’t have a rubber mallet, lay a piece of cloth over the lid and press it in place gently — that should also do the trick.

After closing the can, turn it upside down so the paint flows on the rim, ensuring an airtight closure

Step 3

Store the Hammerite Ultima can

Properly sealed Hammerite Ultima paint can last for years. Just store it in a dry and safe spot, away from frost, and open the can up again whenever you want!

Tip: You can even write the date on the can so you know when it was last used.

You are now ready to store your paint. If you have leftover paint you do not want to store, we will help you to dispose it

Hammerite Ultima

Hammerite Ultima is a water borne product that is low odor, quick drying, easy to use and clean.