How to dispose of your metal paint-Ultima

How to dispose of paint

Here are a few ways to avoid the hassle of disposing metal paint. Find out how to be smart and recycle your paint.

Leftovers can still be reused to paint smaller metal surfaces! If leftovers you can still reuse it to paint smaller metal surfaces. Or recycle/ dispose it at the appropriate channels.

Step 1

Choose right size

Can you reduce the amount of paint?

To avoid leftover paint that you need to dispose of, try and ensure you buy the correct amount of paint for the job in hand. Check online paint calculators or ask when purchasing in store.

Step 2

Can you reuse old paint?

Before throwing it all away, see if you can find some other use for your old paints first, can you use the metal paint for small jobs or touch ups elsewhere outdoors?

Step 3

Can your paint cans be recycled?

Ask your local paint store if they accept leftover paints for re-blending – chance are you will get a “yes” (or a referral) because major paint manufacturers have started making and selling recycled-content paints.

Search the internet for “paint recycling drop-off” sites in your area.

Step 4

How can you dispose of paint in the right way?

How and where can you dispose metal paint? It is possible to dispose left-over metal paint at your local recycling point. Make sure you put your paint in a sturdy box and take them to your local recycling point, so you avoid the risk of spillage.

Try to dispose and recycle empty paint cans because many centers accept them – all you need to do is ask.

Step 5

If you do not have access to a recycling facility. you can dispose of dry metal can paints in your household bin.

To dispose of latex or acrylic paint, it must be solidified first.

Let the empty can dry up with a lid open in a well ventilated area, away from children, pets and direct heat. Once it’s hardened, you can put it in your regular household trash.

Hammerite Ultima

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