How to open and stir a can of metal paint- Ultima

Used products:

  • Metal paint can
  • Screwdriver or tin opener
  • Stir stick
  • Rubber gloves
  • Glasses

How to open a paint can

Learn how to properly open and stir a tin of metal paint while keeping your surroundings and yourself clean for an excellent paint job. Opening a can be quite messy, and that is what you like to avoid at the start of the paint job.

Our steps by step process will talk you through how to open the can and stir the metal paint, and get you off to a flying start.

Step 1

How to open a tin of paint

Place the metal paint can on an even surface and wedge the screwdriver or tin opener in between the lid and the lip of the can. No need for real muscle power here, a gentle push on the screwdriver’s handle should lift the lid easily.

When opening the can, be careful not to damage the closing ring or lid so you’ll be able to seal the can after painting.

Take the lid off the can and make sure there is not paint dripping.

Step 2

How to stir paint

Using a paint stirring stick, lightly stir the paint. Make sure the paint stick can reach the bottom of the can, that way you’ll get the best mix. Stirring shouldn’t take too long, when the paint looks smooth it’s good to go. Simply remove the stirrer from the paint can and scrape it on the can’s inner edge. Watch out for drips!

Hammerite Ultima

When opening the can and stirring the paint properly, you are ready to apply Hammerite Ultima. It will provide a beautiful finish protecting your metal for a long time.