Why Choose Hammerite Metal Paint?

Strong and striking, metal enriches our world and our homes. Which is why we believe it needs world-class care. Neglect is not in our vocabulary. For over 25 years, we’ve intelligently mastered the formula for metal protection, resulting in the range of metal paints that people prefer. From railings and furniture to garden gates and garage doors, whether a full metal restoration job or just a touch-up, we’re famous for the perfect finish – first time, every time, in no time.

Metal is our top priority, not yours. And though you’re happy spending time on protection, you want every minute returned with years of peace of mind. So rest assured. We’ll always be best in test. We’ll keep making it easier. We’ll never stop improving. So you’ll never stop enjoying The Ultimate Metal Protection.

4 Reasons Why you Should Choose Hammerite:

  1. Intelligent Technologies and Solutions
    We have a proud record of developing new, intelligent technologies and solutions for easier, longer-lasting metal protection. We constantly seek new and intelligent ways to protect metal and help consumers use our products.
  2. Proven Best in Class
    Independent tests prove our products give better appearance and longer metal protection than our competitors. Through a comprehensive global testing programme, we will rigorously check all our products to ensure they’re always best in class. We create the benchmark.
  3. Exclusive Focus on Metal Protection
    We are the only brand that is purely focused on metal care and protection. Through this single-minded approach we provide the longest-lasting protection from all types of attacks, from rust and physical damage to UV and rain damage.
  4. Over 25 years of Leadership
    We are the creators of the metal paint category and have maintained our leadership for over 25 years. We are the brand to which all others aspire. Through our heritage we can truly say we know metal better than anyone. However, we don’t stand still – we are committed to further extending our knowledge.

Combat Rust using HammeriteWhy have 3 products when only one does the job?

Hammerite Metal Paint protects and rejuvenates metal and is formulated to offer 8 year corrosion protection. Using a unique alkyd technology, the special metal paint is formulated to form a tough barrier that sheds moisture to provide long lasting protection.

Hammerite Metal Paint can be applied directly to rust with no need for a primer or undercoat due to its strong adhesive properties. Its optimised viscous properties ensure application of a substantial barrier coating keeping oxygen and water away from the substrate and ensuring excellent coverage of sharp edges without running or sagging.

Done in a single day

The unique metal paint incorporates state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the rapid development of a hard, impenetrable film giving superior scratch and abrasion resistance, allowing you to complete the job in a single day; the surface will be re-coatable after only 4 hours.