How to clean and store paint brush after painting metal-Ultima

Used products:

  • Newspaper
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Rubber band
  • Kitchen roll
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Toolbox/place to store brushes

How to clean paint brushes

Paint brushes can be used time and time again if you store them properly. Master both cleaning and storage with our simple and useful tips.

Our step by step process will teach you the best way to wash and store your paint brush.

Step 1

The best way to clean a paint brush is to start removing excess paint

Clean the brush by removing excess paint. Scrape the brush against the edge of the paint can to remove any large amount of metal paint.

Step 2

How to remove remaining paint

Then work out most of the remaining paint by painting sheets of old newspaper brushing back and forth, until the brush is clean and dry.

Step 3

How to wash and clean the brush with water – if water borne

Remove all remaining paint by cleaning the brush with water for water born paint. A water born paint is easier to clean. Still good to collect the water and let it evaporate in time. Or bring it to chemical waste center.

Step 4

Reshape the brushes

Reshape the brushes. Slap the brush against your hand a few times to bring the bristles back into alignment and then reshape the brush so it looks like new.

Note: a good way to do this is with a paint brush comb, available at paint stores.

Step 5

How to clean and store paint brushes

Place the washed brushes (and rollers) on paper towels in a dry area. Give them a few hours to dry completely and then wrap the dry brush in paper towel or newspaper, secured with a rubber band. Ready to be reused for a job in the future!

Tip: For intermediate storage of the brush—several hours or overnight—an easy way to keep the brush fresh is to wrap the bristles and ferrule in a resealable plastic bag or transparent film.

Now you are ready to close your paint tin!

Hammerite Ultima

Hammerite Ultima is a water borne product that is low odor, quick drying, easy to use and clean. No risk of inflammation when handling and no inhalation of nasty fumes.