How your metal can look like-Ultima

How to select paint colors

Choose a color of metal paint you like for your garden fence, furniture, garage door or any other metal object. Start painting today!

We can help you select the color you like, which fits the surroundings of your metal object.

Step 1


Be inspired by colors of metal paint

To get an idea of the color you like, look for inspiration in magazines, brochures and in our website. Any idea whether you like it or not, will help you to create a color preference. You could create a collage of colors on Pinterest.

Step 2

Color visualization

Firstly, look at your surroundings – understand that different colors can add character to any space. Try to get a sense of how your object would look like in different colors. Refresh the look of your house or garden by using more classic colors on your fence. Or brighten up your garden turning your metal furniture green or red.

Step 3

Color choice

In the store or online, you can select from a wide range of colours. Your initial color preference will help to simply the final color choice. Select a color from a color pallet, and try to project it on your metal object like garden fence. Also try to imagine the final finish, whether you want it gloss, satin or matt.

Step 4

Final color

Try to envision the end of the job. Seeing the chosen colour choice in all its glory with other metal items painted as well. Be confident you made the right choice.

Hammerite Ultima

Hammerite Ultima simplifies your color choice. It offers a premium pallet of popular high-quality colors, from rich classic colours to elegant metallic shades.  Additionally, thanks to Color Lock technology colors will not fade and last for longer. ​

With Hammerite Ultima you simply the color choice of metal paint. And enjoy the beautiful end-result for longer.