Let your garage door update your home exterior

When deciding on a project around the home, sometimes the smallest project can make the biggest difference. The garage door is one of the most visible external features of the home and extreme weather and frequent use can leave the paint to peel and appear worn and weathered. A fresh lick of paint, however, can […]

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Ready the tools for Spring projects

Hammerite Metal Paint Garden Tools

For those feeling inspired by Spring gardening – but uninspired by the rusty garden tools – Hammerite’s quick and easy treatments will return tools to pristine condition for another season. A dip in Hammerite™ Rust Remover will have garden tools rust-free in a couple of hours. Once clean and free of all rust residues, garden […]

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Rust free in hours

Hammerite Rust Remover Gel

Restore rusting metal furniture, fixtures, tools and other items in hours with Hammerite™ Rust Remover. Specially developed for the safe and effective removal of rust from vertical surfaces and intricate metal items, the Hammerite Rust Remover is available in both Gel and Dip formulations. Hammerite Rust Remover Dip is ideal for loose metal objects such […]

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Cosy corners for outdoor enjoyment

Hammerite Metal Paint Outdoor Table Chairs

Bring a favourite outdoor space alive and transform weathered and rusty metal furniture with Hammerite™ Direct to Rust Metal Paint. Whether in the backyard, courtyard or on the balcony, create a cosy corner for enjoying balmy spring and summer days reading a favourite book and enjoying an afternoon tea or a lazy weekend cocktail. With […]

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Go to guide for metal projects

Hammerite Metal Paint - Ferrous Metal

As the warmer weather and longer days arrive, homeowners and DIYers jump into home renovations and projects. To encourage furniture restoration and upcycling, leading metal care paint brand Hammerite offers the following answers and tips to ensure metal projects are completed the right way, first time. How to identify different metals Different types of metal […]

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Fresh colour for spring entertaining

Don’t let the return of spring be dampened by an uninspiring outdoor setting. Take advantage of warmer temperatures to freshen up metal chairs, tables and planter pots using Hammerite’s quick and easy treatments. In one weekend, old outdoor settings and rusty fixtures can be looking brand new for more seasons to come. Let the bright […]

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Our story

How to Play at the Best Casino Sites Ever heard of the term “cash advance”? The best casino sites now offer this facility to their players so that they can play at the casino when they are not able to make it to the gaming table. Cash advances allow the players to play online casino […]

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