Inspiration for your metal

There are so many possibilities for decorating and protecting metal. Whether you intend to banish rust or add some colour to your metal items, Hammerite has the perfect metal paint solution.

Browse the variety of projects below for inspiration and advice on how to achieve the result you are looking for:


Bench Restoration
It can be simple and rewarding to rescue a bench which has seen better days. Follow this guide for instructions on how Hammerite Metal Paint can help rescue tired garden furniture. To prepare the bench, abrade the metal ends with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper, removing any flaking paint or rust. If the wooden […]

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Decorate a Day Bed
Metal furniture looks great around the home. Co-ordinating several items by painting them creates a united colour scheme. If you have an item which needs to be revamped, whether it is rusted, has flaking paint or a colour change is needed, then Hammerite Metal Paint is ideal.  Metal bed frames are easily transformed or repaired […]

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Garden Delights
   There are plenty of metal objects which can be made into something new with help from Hammerite. These items were looking worse for wear, but by co-ordinating them with a coat of Hammerite they were turned into a good looking lantern display for the home or garden. First, remove all loose rust and flaking paint […]

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Glorious Garden Gates
  When coming over the threshold of a home, the gate usually gives the first impression. Keeping it well maintained is important. Use Hammerite’s specialist metal paint to get the task done with the knowledge your gate will be decorated and protected for years to come. Using a wire brush or sandpaper, remove all loose […]

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Potted Pleasures
 Hammerite Metal Paints are ideal for decorating and adding colour to everyday metal items such as pots and planters. Follow this guide for instructions on how to add colour to your garden. Clean the surface of the metal pot to remove any dirt, dust or grease. If the surface of the metal is very smooth, […]

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Reviving Metal Railings
Shabby and dirty railings such as these give off a poor first impression of your property. This problem can be easily solved using Hammerite, and once the task is finished it will look good for years to come. Prepare the railings by abrading them with a wire brush or coarse sandpaper to remove any flaking […]

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Transform your Patio Set
Adding colour to the garden does not always have to mean planting flowers. Metal paint can also liven up plain garden furniture and pots. Update a galvanised metal patio set which has seen better days quickly and easily with Hammerite. Prepare the furniture by rubbing down with a wire brush or sandpaper. Ensure there is […]

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Vintage Chic with Metal
Metal furniture can make an elegant addition to any room. Often a lighter shade is better suited to interiors, so darker furniture can be painted to make it the perfect fit. Begin by protecting the area where you intend to paint with newspaper and/or dust sheets to catch any spills or drips. Prepare the furniture […]

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